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New to sailing, just bought an old Maricat


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1. Darcy for used, 2. Mick (Humungus) for new

3. Ask away, this is probably the best place.  Lots of people use Facebook but it doesn't generally work as well as this type of place.

4. Go to a club.  Concord & Ryde is possibly a good one.  In a couple of weeks they have the Maricat Nationals.  Just rock up and talk to people.  The ones with 'foamies' ie foam sandwich boats are generally the most knowledgable since they've been in the class for a long time (a loooooooonnnng time for some!).

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If you look at the message just under this thread that's Darcy. Not sure about Mick, I think he got the hump about something and I've not seen him. Darcy has forgotten more than most of us will ever know about small cats so start there.

Possibly first thing to check is the condition of stays and dolphin stricker cable broken stays mean the mast falls down but broken sticker can be more serious. Neither are too costly. 

Note that the modern Mari has a raked mast. 5.5m forestays and 5m side if my memory serves. If you have an old sail you get a ring put in about 6" up the leach to keep then on up.

Tacking is always a major challenge but they make great, low cost racing boats.



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Hi Sparky.  Quick responses:

1. Doesn't matter how tight you make the stays, they'll always be baggy!  The platform is flexible so even with the newest, stiffest foam sandwich boat you'll see bag.  Make it so that forestays and shrouds are just there.  I have to push down on my shrouds to get them to fit.  Any tighter is just hassle.  Too loose and you may lose the rig.

2. Throw the vang into the bottom of the bag.  You don't need one, in fact with one on it's just another thing to remember to release when you capsize as it makes it very hard to right without it off.  I used to have one and it was good dead downwind because it stopped the boom rising in gusts giving me just a little more oomph in racing but overall it's not much use.  If you do have one, then upwind make sure it's loose otherwise it'll stop you tacking

3. Downhaul - if that's what you mean by vang, then enough to take the wrinkles out of the luff then forget it - doesn't do much really as the battens do most of the shaping work.

4. It would help if you got to see some other cats because there are other bits and bobs that go on that make life easier - eg mast rake and rudder rake.

Hope this helps.

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7 hours ago, Sparky1 said:

I am in the same position, is there anyone around the Fingal Bay area that could answer some rigging questions? i.e. stay tightness, vang routing etc.

Alternately I can post some pics on here and hope for some help.



Hi sparky 

If you need more info and see all the mari top gun go to lemon tree passage sailing club and ask the boys thers its the closes club to you 





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Tanilba Bay Sailing Club, not Lemon Tree Passage Sailing Club.  I don't even think Lemo has a sailing club as such.  There will be next to no Mari's there this weekend.  Next to no-one there this weekend.  Almost all the boats will be at Forster.

Ring Mick on 0419999785, he is the Manager at Lemon Tree Passage Marina, he is also the NSW Mari Dealer.


Maricat NSW/ACT Assoc Pres


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Thanks for the replies, yep, stays as tight as I can get them on land, baggy under sail, no vang, just downhaul.

I agree seeing other setups will be the best way.

Lemon Tree is nice and close so will go there 27/28 Feb


p.s. Thought I had posted this...

Been out four times now,have worked out some answers, and discovered new questions, having a ball and scaring myself a bit.

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Make sure your mainsheet is easy to handle and flows in and out easily.  DON'T trust in your mainsheet cleat, make sure that it is simple to pull it out of the cleat to release the main.  When you have the traveller down for reaching etc it changes the angle so it becomes harder to release the cleat.

Most rigs are now raked back quite a lot.  I think forestays 5.5m and stays 5m is the measurement.  This helps reduce the incidence of "going down the mine".

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Will make it to Tanilba this weekend, which day is better?

Also where is the best place to source a new dolphin striker? mine is frayed and out of adjustment.

What is the best rope for the traveler?

Same for the jib, pulled it out and noticed it has no ropes.

Also need a new roller at the top of the mast.

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I think Tanilba sail Sunday.  They have a facebook page (actually two!) but it doesn't say.

A boat chandlery or rigger can do wire for dolphin strikers.  Also check the forestays and shrouds they may be in poor condition.  Dolphin length depends on what size turnbuckle you have so best to take the whole thing in.  My last one cost me $30 a couple of years ago.  My shrouds were $80.

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