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Wanted rudder stock for 4.3 Maricat - not any more!

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I'm after a well used rudder stock if anyone has one.  It needs to have the steel inserts either so loose they can be removed easily or absent completely.  I have a lot of play in the pintles which I can't remove (stuck fast!).




Update: I fixerated it.  

The problem was that there was a LOT of play in the rudders - no good for racing.  The bottom bracket had worn out, the s/s bracket and the rudder casting which had lost its s/s insert.  This one I drilled out with an 8mm drill and put in a bolt of the same size.

The top one, well the pintle bracket had worn the same but the stainless insert in the rudder casting was in fast and has no play.

I tried to take the screw/bolts out but they were both stuck fast - stainless doesn't like to be screwed into aluminium.  I even got a screwdriver on a 1/2 inch drive socket but it just chewed the head.

So, first I used an angle grinder and took off the heads which then allowed me to take the pintle bracket off.

I then got a 10mm diamond hole saw, the kind you use for drilling holes in ceramic tiles or glass (cost me $17).  This was wide enough to span the bolt shaft.  It took a while and quite a bit of WD40 but they both came out.

I then had two big holes.  I used bolts all the way through.  Used the pintle that I'd removed on the inside and sikaflex to bog up the gap and then bolted it on.

I now, at last have both rudders with "as new" play.  Happy.

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