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BCF -> Harken blocks clearance


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BCF are clearing Harken blocks at the moment....

57mm triple blocks for $10  for example.

They are doing this via the BCF app, online store, and through eBay.

Just search "harken" at the store or eBay.

Blocks only availavle online and are NOT available in the actual shops.


Hope this link works

Check out this item I found on eBay: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=252384962027&alt=web

Happy bargin hunting


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Yeah I'd say the clearance sale is done & dusted.

I managed to get 4 blocks for my new 12:1 downhaul, two 57mm triples, two 57mm singles, a cheek block, and a couple of other "spares"

eBay is showing nothing now so it must be sold-out. ......


Ive been told they are clearing the stock to make way for a re-badged brand under their own logo..... Hopefully they'll retain the sailing gear even tho it was a slow mover.

I'd much perfer a te-badged harken block over a "Masters" block but having said that and to be fair I've not had anything to do with the Masters blocks

Has anyone used the Masters blocks and if so the results are  ?????

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