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Hydra Mast.

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You'll need to make a former (or die) that fits the masts profile on the side of the bend, you also need 2 more formers that fit the opposite side.

Set the outer formers as far apart as possible...... thick cardboard to line the formers will also help in spreading the load evenly into the mast section.

Use a hand opperated pipe bender and a measuring tape to measure the distance you push the mast out to, this will give you a referance point to return to if you under-do the re-bending.

If you dont have access to a pipe bender a bottle jack and a chain will also work but youll need to ensure that the mast is well protected from the chain.

You'll also have to go past the point where its straight as once the pressure is released it will spring back.

Slow and steady is the key.


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   Sand bags will do the job instead of making formers. Before attempting to straighten the mast, remove the mast hound fitting and check for corrosion ( A real problem with these old mast sections). 

   Don't over spend on this project. a good goer, on trlr, is rarely worth more than $1000.

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