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You should probably put this to the PT website (http://www.papertigercatamaran.org/ptcia/

From my perusal a while ago there are people making FRP from molds but I think most of them use the Larry Fay mold and they're still commercial so might not be available for personal use.  I did email one of them a year or two ago, cost of a completed ready to race one was about $18k.

I found a material that would be interesting to use in construction http://www.polycore.com.au/ I went to see a guy building a 45ft cruising cat in Cairns using it and have a piece at home (offcut of course).  It looks like you can buy it in 14ft lengths which would remove the need for scarfing of plywood.  You'd use much thinner bits for a PT though.

There was also a guy in NZ who had put together a set of plans that were digitized and could be fed into a machine to cut out the pieces.

May also be easier to buy a foam sandwich hull set and refinish them yourself.

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knobblyoldjimbo. Thanks for reply. I am a boatbuilder trying to retire. not working. For me creating a plug and taking a mould is pretty simple exersize.

Always liked the PT A basic boat for kids to get started.

I will have a look at polycore and see if practical.

I will keep in touch. am putting a HYDRA back together at the moment, but for a couple of youngsters it would be to much. Just getting that tall mast up is daunting



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