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HYDRA-Chapter 3


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Hi Troops. I should have known from experience when to build a new boat instead of refitting an old one.

especially an out of date boat, On the other hand the hull design is technically very good, but costs mount up and soon get out of hand.

The grandkids want to learn to sail, so pulled the old boat out of the paddock cleaned off the mould.

needed a new tramp,new headsail,replaced wire rigging and all sheet ropes,new deck spinouts.

replaced rudders, repaired centreboards. i am just about there,hull needs repainting but i will let that go until i see how she goes.

A good trailer (i thought) pulled the wheels off to replace tyres and found the rims to corroded,cheaper to buy new wheels tyres and bearings.

Then looked a bit harder at axle-buggered. aft cross beam corroded under light box so will cut this out and weld in a new section.

Just lucky i can do all repairs myself.

Re: tight bolt rope in mast track ,old sailmaker suggested using dish washing detergent,paint on bolt rope as you pull up sail,worked great.

To embarrest  to tell you what the bill is.

:) Shipwright.

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