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5m maricat rules


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We are looking at doing some proposal changers to the 5m maricat rules at the AGM. Let use know if any changers to be made.

1) crew Regulations (c) Weight  change from 125KG down to 105KG.

2) crew regulations (g)  In the event of “Championship” status, Class C and D M 5.0's shall compete separately only if 3 or more of each class is present, otherwise will compete together and handicaps

3) Limits of Acceptable Change (a) mainsheet pulley ratio from 7:1 up to 8:1

4) front beam (3) The mast step shall be stainless steel ball and socket type or the new nylon ball supplied by BCC affixed to the centre (+/- 5mm) of the front beam  

5) sails (3) All sails shall comply with the Maricat Association specifications and drawings. Sails can be supplied by any sail maker 

6) a new square top mainsail in designing with a new 40mm round tube aluminium boom

maricat 5m rules.docx

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