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Mylar jib halyard setup


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I have recently returned to Windrush sailing and could do with some advice on the mylar jib halyard set up please.

When I got the boat it was rigged with the jib halyard (4mm I think) sister clipped back to the shackle on the forestay bridle and the tack line also attached at the same point. After my first sail the sister clips had blown out. I assume there was too much tension on them.

I am also wondering about the luff tension. If I rig the jib and tension the luff the forestay come slack. Therefore, when I sheet on the main all the pressure would come on the jib luff and halyard rather than the forestay which wouldn't be good. What I did yesterday was to rig the boat, sheet the main on hard and then tension the luff to that. Then when the main is eased for downwind the stay and luff become slack. Is this right?

I rigged the halyard back to the forestay bridle shackle again and just tensioned it by hand with a truckies hitch. Not pretty and very clumsy. 

I'm sure there are much better ways.



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