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Magnum 21 Trimaran For Sale


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I moved from a Taipan 4.9 to a trimaran as I had a growing family as the Taipan was to flighty for family outings. Some of you may be in a similar situation.

Light and responsive sailing trimaran that is perfect for beach cruising or dinghy type camping. This is a French made trimaran that has over 400 built and is a good club racer/ family dayboat/ coastal raid boat.

EU Category C, unsinkable ( all three hulls are foam filled), able to legally carry 6 adults along the coast or 8 adults in smooth waters.

It has been club raced last two years and is competitive with Farriers and Wetas. Think of it as a modern incarnation of a Haines / OSTAC. But it weighs 350kg not 600kg.

2005 model with later model beams that allow easier assembly. I regulary single hand this and get it from the trailer to the water in an hour by myself.

With pop up tents on the tramps you have a two bedroom cruiser and I have done week long camping trips on the Hawkesbury River. Has also been single-handed around French and Phillip Islands in less than one day.

Has a 3 hp Yamaha that has less than 10 hrs. I find the motor is generally left at home as the boat is so good to sail, the motors not needed. If I need propulsion with no wind the boat is easily paddled.

Improvements from stock by professional marine engineer :

-centerboard reshaped to NACA profile with composite reinforcement

- Centreboard slot gasket replaced

-rudder reshaped to NACA profile

-All running rigging replaced

-Mast crutch for single person raising and lowering

-Furling Jib

- 2nd reef in mainsail

Has high quality full roller breakback French made trailer that is hot dipped gal and used primarily in fresh water.Zero rust.

Can deliver within 500km of Canberra.
Utube Magnum 21or view Yachthub for more info.


Jon in Canberra,  ACT







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