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Lacepede Bay 20km Earthmovers 1 lap bouy race date changed 11-4-09


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G'day we've finally set our date for the Earthmovers Regatta at Kingston SE South Australia, it's now Easter Saturday 11/4/09. The race will be sailed on the seabreeze around 2pm, this is a reliable time of year for us with the wind just about guaranteed. If it looks like it will be too windy we may bring the race forward in the day. If the wind is like last year the faster boats will probably do the fun leg with the reach a couple more times like we did, giving them a 30-40km race day. We will finish the day with cheap but good dinner and drinks at the club. Let us know what you want to do Sunday, if enough people want bouy races we'll hold them. The afternoon should be a SW or W seabreeze. The course will be 5km SW to Pinks beach drain, 10km NE to Long beach drain, 5km SE back to the club. Then you can do which ever leg you want if your fast enough.

E-mail me if you want accomodation info etc I'll post more detail as we

go along.

regards Jeff

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