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Cracked hull, has been parted out


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Hi all, 

I took my windrush 14 out yesterday and managed to put about a 50cm crack along the starboard ?gunwale. It quickly filled with water but thankfully managed to limp it back to shore. On closer inspection I seem to have a small leak in the port hull somewhere, the top sides have some significant soft spots.

I'm living in Hervey Bay QLD so not too many other Windrush cats around. Do I attempt a repair? (I have never repaired fiber glass before) I doubt I can find any spare hulls near by in QLD. 

Or would anyone be interested in the boat and trailer for parts? It has a new single piece tramp under 1year old, second pair of Dacron sails in reasonable condition. previous owner put a forward trampoline on and has home made rudders and non factory steering set up. trailer in fair condition. (so really not a lot going for it, only paid $1000 two years ago)

It obviously doesn't get raced, just some family fun. 

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I was going to say your in luck with this ad being posted yesterday but i'm guessing its you?

Any fiberglass repairs are do-able but require time, money and effort. There's sometimes a cheap Windy or two around Brisbane for sale. If you love sailing it i'd keep the parts for spares and combine the two into one.


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You'd need to grind out the crack - do it further than the current damage.

Then you'd need to use some sort of bog.  I would be inclined to mix up some epoxy then mix in some chopped strand so that the repair is strong.  You need to get chopped strand that works with epoxy, the stuff they use to keep it together needs to be soluble by the resin.  I've done this also by chopping up mat with scissors.

Most people will do this with polyester resin but reading the interweb indicates that epoxy is far better for mechanical bonds ie glueing one bit to another.  Poly resin is only of benefit when actually building the boat.  Read it up yourself.  Epoxy is more flexible too, it takes much longer to set so working times are longer.

If you get some brown packing tape and reverse it so the unsticky bit is on the glued patch and then stick tape to the sticky bit you can get a very smooth finish particularly if you rub along the patch.  Slap a bit of paint on and your good to go, or at least till the next crack appears.

I understand boat builders use a bog like toothpaste to glue the top and bottom together.  My Careel 18 also had pop rivets as well.  Eventually the bog goes powdery and lets go.  

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Someone has bought the boat. A bit sad seeing her go but I felt it was the best way forward.

So I have a set of sails and near new trampoline for sale.

Sails: main has bolt rope replaced. Seems to have good shape (easy to tack, compaired to old one, jib has reinforced leech. I bought them from a WA wind rush club member and told they had seen very little use. I paid $400 early last year and used 4 times. Would like to get my money back. 


Located Hervey Bay QLD. 


Trampoline sold.




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