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Catamaran ID


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My thought too is that this maybe a CaperCat 18. Whilst you can't see them well the hulls don't look much like a CaperCat 14 shape and somebody mentioned that the CC18 hull lids were in two sections?

Jimbo my group don't race around buoys and we're always taking our beach cats on camping trips so the hull storage is appealing even it its slow.....er......... ;)

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I had a capercat 14 for many years ( and sometimes still regret selling it ). I don't know anything about a caper 18 but I had a chat to the gentleman who operated calypso in sandgate years ago and he told me about a 16' cat with lockers like  a caper cat. I thought he said it was a calypso.


I looked for one as I love my 14 but would have liked something a bit bigger. Never saw one for sale, but I think the pics he showed me looked something like that.


If that boat is for sale I might be interested...

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