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4 mm dyneema


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I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on whether I can get away with 4mm dyneema dux ? My 3.5 meter cat needs new shrouds and probably forestay. It's currently 3 mm stainless wire.


The price difference between 4mm dyneema and 5 mm is large so...


Also has anyone bought from this person on ebay or knows of a good cheap source of DD ?




He claims it's the good Hampidjan 75 stuff. I probably need 20 meters or so...


I need a sail aswell :)  It's completely shot...and a batten...

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Buy Liros D-Pro XTR from Deckhardware - http://www.deckhardware.com.au/liros-d-pro-xtr-sk99-4mm
You could also use normal Liros D-Pro - http://www.deckhardware.com.au/liros-magic-d-pro-sk78-4mm


The only thing you'll find with dyneema is that you absolutely MUST splice it and you'll need dyneema specific thimbles to avoid chaffing. Likely you'll also need to run a cover over the dyneema if the sail comes in contact with it. 

All in all I'd just stay with wire.

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Thank you for the reply.


I've never worked with wire. I assume I'll have to buy a crimping tool and get the wire somewhere ? Otherwise I'll have to pay someone...


I like the idea of rope because I've cut my hands more than once on a broken strand or a sharp edge on a crimp.


I'm having trouble finding dyneema thimbles, but the rope is so cheap I'd like to have a go. If it's a disaster then so be it. It'd be nice splicing practice if nothing else.


Unless someone knows a rigger near brisbane ?


I'm looking to buy  cheap hobie 14 sail in melbourne, $50 plus $25 post. I figure if I cut the bottom 4' off it'll be near enough...


Thank you very much for the links.

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Again thank you for the reply.


I called them and they said they can't actually do the swages for me. They can loan me the tool and show me how. I have to say I'm not very confident about getting them the same length. How accurate does it have to be ?


I don't suppose anyone knows someone in brisbane or abouts who can do it for me ?

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