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Hi guys n gals,
we've just developed a new hoist - especially designed to accommodate wider items like cats on trailers, powerboats, Jet-Ski trailers and caravans.
It's freestanding and portable - so absolutely no need to bolt it in place...
(240V/15amp power supply)
The standard-sized 4-Post hoists can't squeeze a cat trailer on - hence the need to create something wider.
This model has nearly 3.10m 'drive-through' for the item on top, and a little more than that for the item left on the ground.
It will come with a Rolling HD Jacking Tray - that you can place the jockey wheel into...
It's rated at 4000kgs and will fit a larger car or 4WD underneath - as it has 2.082m under the crossbar at the top lock - so no bumping of heads either...!
The pic with my Windy on the hoist is the previous model. The new version has the full tube section posts, wrap-around crossbars and alloy approach ramps - the latest design in this type of hoist...
First 2 due into our Sydney showroom late March '17... for under $5,000.00 - you just can't beat it as a very flexible storage solution...
BTW, there is also a Side-By-Side Parker model - which lifts 2 cars at once - which installs into less than 5.30m width space...
Hope this is interesting for everyone…
(Hero Hoists, Sydney)


Lift King Boat & Caravan Parker.pdf



Lift King Boat & Caravan Parker.jpg

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