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Lockers in hulls

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Hi all,


I am curious what other beach cats had lockers in the hulls. I had a caper cat and am aware of a calypso that had them. Apparently there is a nacra and a hobie with them. Any others I don't know about ?


I always thought they were a great addition to the caper cat. Probably sold a lot of boats and helped them get the cult following they enjoy.

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The 14ft Kulacat doesn't have a locker as such but open hatch access to a huge mid section of the hull. It's the largest i've seen and know of. The Calypso 14 and 16 use the round port hatch to access and nice area and one of the guys in my group is about to add a port hatch to a 2nd area to his Calypso 16. There are CaperCat 18's but they are rare. Hobie has the Getaway with a small hatch area and other models like the Hobie 18 which gives you hull access via a round port hatch which some users add bags too

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It's odd no one else went down that path. I read the kulacat thread. So they were made at Southport. Hm. Maybe I'll keep an eye out for any forsale.


I don't suppose you know how they sail compared to a caper cat ?


When you say port hatch are you talking about 6" inspection ports ?


Thank you for the reply.

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