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Jib blocks and components


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Hi All

I am putting the jib back on my Maricat 4.3 that I have restored however the sheet blocks were not with the boat. Does anyone have the brand/model numbers typically used or a photo of their setup. I know the furler is the small Ronstan but need to work out best arrangement for the 2:1 jib sheet setup. Made bridle wires at the 1010mm length yesterday. Will make new forestay this week (old one was rusted and broke). Jib is in okay condition for what I am doing.



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The ones that I have are ronstan RF45130, not cheap but they are good, you could try for something similar and cheaper.  The ones that I have do not have the swivel at the bottom but have a dynema loop I find that better as they do not get twisted around themselves, (the dynema loop blocks I feel are no longer supplied by ronstan).  Make the sheets as small in dia as you can handle and make them only a long as you need to be able to furl the jib, otherwise every time that you tack you have metres of sheet to pull through the block.

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