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W14 boom and sails needed - PERTH


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Hi - I might be able to help with a boom. I have sails but they are a bit old so I wouldn't want to offload those on to you unless you're willing to accept that they are old, have a few holes but would still be usable for learning purposes. Only problem - I'm in Margaret River and won't be coming to Perth anytime soon. Give me a call on 0428147003 if you want to discuss it further.



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Maybe try Shelly sailing club or Safety bay yacht club. Both have fleets of Windrush 14's. Otherwise look on Gumtree or ask the hire guy on the swan river he might be worth a try.

A boom is not something you replace, I've only ever had to replace one in years of sailing and that was my fault it broke. You should be able to find some old Dacron or even Mylar sails easy enough if you talk to the sailors at those clubs. Or contact the association on there Facebook page.

11 is young to sail a Windrush on his own? is he just wanting to sail around for fun or get into a club? If you have bought a boat without sails it sounds like it's a old boat out of the paper so you might want to check everything. Also look up the factory page or ring them, sometimes they have old boats and may have something or put you onto someone that can help you out.     

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