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I am after a main racing second hand sail for sale

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I also have a radial sail for sale. This sail is the current Australian champion, (Won 2017) Last used at Toukley Brass Monkey and won that regatta as well (June 2017).

This is a set or individual. (Main and jib with battens or individual)

Located in Newcastle.

$1000 for the complete set.

$800 for main and battens.

$200 Jib.


Mark Colecliffe


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I have heard that certain sails are made for what weight you are. So if it isnt a rude question or if its relevant what weight are you guys?

I live on the border of NSW and Vic.

I have currently got the old fashion sail, you know all the pretty colours. I was wondering if the bolt ropes are the same thickness as that one. 

How old is your sail pointed?

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It's more about the condition of the sail and how it has been looked after and used and not about age. My sail is about 8 yrs old, about the same as Marks. Most sails are cut pretty much the same and it is about sail trim and setup than about weight of the sailor. I am light and do better in light wind.

     All sails fit all masts. The  cut of the newer sails allow for more mast rack.

Which side of the mountains are you ? Coast or inland ? Eden or Albury ? I live in Tumut.


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