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I recently acquired this Cat. 6m length. Beam 1.95m centre to centre of hulls. I have no idea what make it is. There are no identification markings on it. Mainsail has APOLLO on it. Number on stern is IT746Q. Perhaps a registration number.



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Rego number wrong
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I believe this cat is an Apollo 21' (6 M 50mm) i have a modified the mould and  i'm putting a Camper deck on, also making it into a foiler tri. Lots of other projects, at Brisbane Bayside, Redlands very powerful hull. See other forums under; MARINE PROJECTS Help wanted. 45 years sailing and fibreglass experience.

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Dear Grynder 53, (hope that isn't your DOB, or you must be an old bugger like me). If possible I would love a beam overall (hulls) and extender racks measurements please. The hull and mould I have has been modified (by me) to add more forefoot, greater waterline length and forward bouyancy, and less bustle? at the stern for more bouyance and less down force (drag). As mentioned I am putting a camper deck, modified from a Caper cat 18' with caper 14' decks (tri). Also to use up some spare parts I'm making it a foiler, witch doesn't go with the camping theme but what the hell, should be fun. AS I mentioned it's a very powerful hull and will carry weight well, forward if your rear beam hits waves. Hope interested in this burble, 'happy xmas' cheers 'B J'

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