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Single handed mast raising

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I have a Hydra and am hoping there is a simpler way to step the mast. The bottom of the mast had two holes for a pinto attach to the mast base but they broke off before I bought the boat. I don’t see how they could have supported such a heavy mast from swaying side to side. 
I raise the mast using a gin pole and temporary stays on the spreaders. They have to be progressively eased as the mast goes up. To lower the mast the whole rig has to be attached to the boat on its side. It is very timely and cumbersome.

Does anyone know if there is a better way or is this just a big heavy boat?

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Thanks. 16’. Unfortunately the bottom lugs broke off the mast so I jury rig the mast to the ball and use the trap lines to stabilize the mast and a gin pole with stabilizers. Seems complex but works (see video - oops too big). Anyway I was thinking about welding alu straps to side of mast and using a bolt through ball but your comment about not relying on this join has made me reconsider. 

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