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Sundance 4.3 fading sun but will it work for my family

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Hello. Looking at buying a good condition (for age) Sundance 4.3. Note last comment for a S4.3 was 2016 so not the flavor of topics. However this one not the easiest to take for a test sail, and no real stats on S4.3 online, but was wondering how it would fair weight wise with an 90kg adult and a couple of kids so all up lets say 150kg. Have looked for a hobie 16 but nothing coming up in my price range, have realized also Id sink a couple of great hobie 14s on offer, so the Sundance hits the note re price and condition. Have been told they are avg sailing prowess and build quality but that's fine for my purposes, just interested with that weight will it be groaning, pitching and a stalled ride or happily accommodate. Any input at any level appreciated. Thanks   (will be sailing from Adelaide, so mainly gulf waters)

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Hi Bradley,
no 14ft cat is gonna perform with 150kgs on board.
90 - 120kgs is really maximum weight - unless it's blowing 20 knots + in which case having 2 kids on board is asking for trouble...

I have a nice Windrush 14 on trailer for sale - old boat but still in great condition with mylar sail and furling jib - goes great too - but it's in Sydney...

Let me know if interested…

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