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Windrush 14 Jib Size

Kiwi Steve

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Hi All

I'm looking to get a cheap Jib for a Mk2 Windrush 14 as i don't have one at present (newbie). I'm having trouble working out where to get one, don't really want to pay for a new one as it would be worth more than the boat :)

From my searching on this forum I think the Jib should be Luff 4.3, Leech 4, Foot 1.43

Can anyone help with what size I should be looking for, found one second hand in that's Luff 3.96 Leech 3.45 Foot 1.87.  Foot is a bit to long from my google searches but does it really matter for a beginner?

Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers Steve

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I think you'll struggle to get a workable second-hand jib - we got donated one years ago but it was in pretty rough shape.

The problem with the longer foot is that the blocks will smack against the mast every time you tack. That will shorten their life considerably.

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