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Looking for a Nacra to suit our body weight?


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My wife and I are a little underweight it seems to be looking for a Nacra 5.8.

Weighing in at 128 Kilos for the two of us we have ben advised to look for a second hand 5.0 Nacra and to stay away from the 5.8's. Point taken! (Oh yes, and she refuses to bulk up, so I am in a real jam on this one.)

Now we need to find a suitable boat.

I also need more info on the 5.0 as I do not know anything about this boat. Will we be able to compete against the other 5.8's in our club races??

We live 130Kms north of Sydney on Lake Maquarie.

Any body with a Nacra 5.0 for sail in the region we will be happy to hear from.

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I don't see a prooblem with a 5.8 for a combined crew weight of 130 kg..if you have had previous sailing exp.

I have witnessed the same crew weight demolish fleets on a 5.8 in 10 - 12 knots.

You guys would clean up in light to moderate winds smile.gif

Things to also note is a new sail help's especially when pulling on the downhaul to counteract being overpowered.. a full old sail would be a handfull.

Then there is the option of going forward 1 or even 2 holes on the clu board if needed in stronger winds not to mention there is the option of a small jib and large jib and using the traveller alot more.

Weight for psyically carrying one to the water could cause a problem so roughly sail no after 1550 odd the 5.8's were made 20 - 25 kg lighter.

Best way is try before you buy, go to your club and jump on one and see if it's too much of a handfull... atleast you will have a rescue boat around if things get to much smile.gif

Nacra 5.8 yardstick is 72 as opossed to a nacra 5 on 81 so over a course of 70 minutes you would finish about 11 minutes behind.

Oh btw i have seen your combined crew weight right a 5.8 no problem's.

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