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raising/lowering the mast

Steve Brant

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I'm a new NACRA owner living near Cairns FNQ. Purchased a 14sq a couple of weeks ago (Sail No. 31) and very happy with my first sailing experience last week on Lake Tinaroo.

As I am a shift worker (including weekends) I anticipate sailing alone a good deal of the time and I am looking for advice / hints on raising and lowering the mast singlehanded.

Any help would be appreciated.

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im to sail by my self ive found that u use the trailer as a post rest the mast on the mast post put your mast on the ball and captive pin in attach forestays ive found that u need to extend them by 6inchs (this is

removable once sidestays attached) then simply push up the mast and let it lay back on the forestays attach sidestays then pull mast forward remove extensions and attach forestays hten getting the mast down is just the same but in reverse

let me know how u get on

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