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Question about Nacra 5.2... Please Help!

enjoy ola

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I am writting because I have a question about the rigging of my Nacra

5.2 catamaran you might could help me with. About where the Boom conects to the

Mast there is a V-shaped bar that is bolted on either side of the mast

that I have no Idea what it goes to. It is about a half inch thick diameter and

has a 1/4 inch hole at the base of the V where it looks like something can

be attatched.

It (the V shaped bar) is about a foot or a foot and a half long. It looks like it might connect to the top of the boom but if that is the case then I dont know where. The mast spins on the mast footing a whole lot (like more than 180 degrees) and this bar looks like it helps that. If you

have any idea of what this bar is and how it is used and rigged then

please email me back and let me know. Thank you.

Grant Marshall


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