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Mast Rake/Rudder Adjsutment


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What have been the "benchmark" settings for the 5.8 w/bridal foil with regards to mast rake? I know this is subject to daily conditions etc..

Also the rudders, toe in toe out (leading edge)?

Many of the "hot" sailors in the states have gone to the NACRA 20 and F18, and not much info available.


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My set up mast rake ,with a trap wire tie a string to it ,swing it to the front of the boat where the pin for the bridal attaches to the hull ,measure this distance with the string ,swing the trap /string to the back of the boat to the centerline of that same hull the point of the string should end up in the inspection hatch somewhere,depends on to conditions as to front ,middle or rear!

rudders straight (same measurement front and back

Rudders racked 35-37mm under the hull ,measured with a straight edge down the transom,furthest point of blade should overhang 37mm in relation to straight edge.hope this helps!!

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