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New to cats, hobie VS maricat?


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I have been sailing for maybe 2 years on lasers with a bit of offshore exp in larger single hulls. I want to move to a cat but im unsure of which make/size to get.

when i hear "catamaran" i immeditaly think "hobie", that was what i was oringally planning to get until i looked and saw maricat. I will be sailing offshore, casually. Will always be 2 of us but would like to take a couple of kids out with us sometimes to.

im undecided between a hobie 14 and maricat 4.3 or 4.8. Also, do these boats come with or without a trapize set up?



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THe Maricat 4.3 is a more bouyant hull configuration than a Hobie 14 so therefor can handle a larger crew weight in Australian conditions, it also has a rounded side to sit on which is more comfortable..

The mari 4.3 is sailed/raced with three types of rig = cat rigged /mainsail only and 1 crew, Sloop riggged Mainsail& jib with 2 crew or Super Sloop with main jib & trapeze with 1 crew. for social sailing all of the above can be utilised....

trapeze is only required if you have a crew weight around the 60kgs or less....though lighter skippers race with less weight and no trapeze....

As the hobie 14 is now no longer in production there has been a sudden drop in price in the 2nd hand market....

The mari 4.8 is a rare boat low production with some spares unavailable now

Check out your local sailing clubs for what is sailed near you for prices and tips...

or check out this chat forum for maricats



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