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Hi Sam,

You are sailing on #1498 which won the Nacra 5.8 World Titles at Belmont N.S.W in 1995, the boat was brand new then.

Queensland should run a Super Series similar to what Rev organised in N.S.W. Have a look at the Super Series thread. Without running the Super Series this season we would have probably 5 - 6 boats at the states instead of 11 5.8's and a few 5.8's pulled out at the last minute, so you could say 13 - 14 5.8's, and over the season we had a total of 20 different 5.8's sail.

Three 5.8's at the Qld States is disappointing, I'm sure there would be more 5.8's in Qld than N.S.W. Congratulations to Dave on Black Jack for winning his 2nd State Title this year.

Have a talk to Warren and Dave and see if the Qld Association can organise a Nacra Super Series for next season.

Regards Graceland.

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