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bridle foil jib on 5.0


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I am looking to buy a 5.0. I have noticed that some I have looked at have the bridle foil while others do not. I do know the advantages of having one but have a few questions:

1. are the foil able to be retro fitted?

2. are the jibs the same?

3. is there any performance difference?

4. does anyone have a pic of a rigged boat with one?

What $$ should I pay for a boat + \ - # 2000? (yes I know this is difficult to answer - but worth an ask! Trying not to get ripped off!)

Thanks in advance.

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The foil allows for a larger jib and can be retrofitted to most older boats. There is a significant improvement in overall performance (faster and points higher). If you are interested in racing, you really need one.

The second hand market for 5.0s which could be raced in in a local club ranges from $4,500 depending on condition.

I hope this helps.

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