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daggerboard raiser


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I am playing on a Nacra 14squared for summer and am having trouble not routing out a channel in my daggers for a lifting line. All of my other boats have this and I do not understand why the nacra does not.

Apart from anything else it means they can't get away in a capsize.

I do though really like to be able to just pull that string hainf gone round a weather mark.

Has anyone else done this to or seen this on a Ncara high lift system??

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Hi Bradk

Photos are below were on disussion of rotation / downhaul systems. Most photos are of my boat, but three different boats in all with three different systems.. (Mine is the most basic rotation system but very effective)








Glen / DigitalTourGuide.com.au

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I must be different to most saiors in that I find putting boards down easy and want a lifter for going around weather mark in a 25 blow. I want the boards up without having to go to the wrong side of boat and lett every thing go.

Originally posted by DigitalTourGuide:

Hi Lester, the photos I just sent you on rotation/downhaul also show a pulldown/secure system for your daggerboards.


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