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Nationals Entry Fee.....

Leapin Leroy

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Can anyone put me in touch with the Secretary, (or whomever is taking entry fee's). I would like to pay asap to avoid a late fee, but want to know whether i will be refunded if my Infusion doesn't get unloaded off the ship in time to compete in the majority of races?

Thanks & Regards to all, look forward to seeing you there....

P.S. don't particularly want to play roller biatch...

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P.S.S.- I've been told 2 to 7 days to see the boat, 1/2 a day to put it together...

So that makes it either on the startline for race 1 or on the water on the 3rd or 4th of Jan... big difference. I know the association is not a charity but then (last time i checked, anyways) neither am I. $280 for 2 or 3 races is a lot to pay...

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Originally posted by johnt:

there are 11 races scheduled during the nationals. Information can be found at:


I hope this helps.


I think he knows this ,what he's saying is that he might not have a boat in time and he's unsure if he'll make all or any of the races,,,

I don't know Leroy the other weekend at the SE Qld titles I couldn't make it saturaday but had to pay the full fee..

ring up Dave Jorg....

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