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hull inspection opening


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I don't know if you are in BrisneyLand but Whitworths & Bias Boating have 6 inch inspection ports. They're about $10-12. You won't get curved ones to follow a deck radius tho.

The best bet is to install them with screws & lots of Sikaflex. Don't overtighten the outside screws so the port stays flat(ish). Then when you screw the lid down, put a bit of Vaseline on the thread to make them easier to open & stop water ingress.

Hope this helps,



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Maybe the same wanker had one of my boats.

I removed covers and bought new ones. Made a dam on low edges and filled with fairing compound. Strait edge to flatten and faired outside edge and redrilled.

looks good and covers work fine.

Originally posted by Bradk:

hi all

does anyone know where i may be able to get some 6inch curved inspection covers from ? BCC have 4 and 5 inch but the wanker that i bought the boat from has cut 6 inch opening and then used the flat covers and they dont seal properly. regards bradk

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