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Which Boat? Which Club?


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I am looking at options for a boat over the next 6 months and was wanting a range of opinions.

I could sail on my own and guess a 16sq would be the best as I am 95kg. Is this the best for me. Also is there differences in the boat depending on age (weight, stiffness) should I be looking at boats above a certain number.

One other possible option is that I team up with a mate which would give us a crew weight of 180kg. If this was the case would a F18 cope with the weight or 5.8??

Now the contentious question. Between Southport and Redcliffe which club has the strongest Nacra fleet? I would like to be involved in a fleet(s) that have a reasonable turnout.

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There are four possible clubs.. Southport, Cleveland, RQ and Humybong. My advice would be to visit Humybong on Friday and or Saturday, as the multihull state titles are on there and visit Cleveland on Sunday. Talk to the guys at each and see what you think. It is partly boat numbers and partly the type of club you are looking for.

I do not know what is on at Southport or RQ this weekend?

Anyway, I hope this helps.


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