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14sq vs H16 in 25 knotts


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I was out in 15 gusting 25 yesterday and having some tight reach drags with an H16.

He had the legs on me gaining 100 metres over 2 Ks.

I felt he had more than that but a couple of lulls slowed him.

I was trying to force him to get his nose close but his boat stayed clean and level.

I was fully powered up and often had my bow six inches under and just held it there trying to create some magic.

I feel I had too much drag and could not get it off the sail.

Was I too powered up with my downhaul off and my inhaul released for tight reach sailing?

If I had retained tension on the rotation and the downhaul would I have created a cleaner drag ratio but retained power?

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Sounds like you were doing bloody well anyway...

It is possible to "bag" things up too much. The boat will bounce up & down alot and not translate gusts into forward speed. Depending on your weight, on a TIGHT reach, i'd be inclined to keep the rig set pretty much for upwind sailing (i.e. firm for that sort of breeze, only ease the downhaul & outhaul a little bit and let the rotation do it's own thing).

The tell tales are the key to correct trim. Get them all flowing (backwards on both sides of the sail) from the top to the bottom and you should be pretty quick.

Hope this helps.



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