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2088 where are you


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While having breakfast at SYC Hollywell on Sunday we saw Nacra 5.0 sail # 2088 sail by. Does anyone know anything about that boat, who owns it, where are they from etc., because we want them to come and play. There are five 5.0s sailing from SYC now, six makes a class. 5.0 revival at Hollywell, baby.

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Dear B-Wot

I must have lost my presence of mind.

I did, however, try to send them thought pictures of bikini clad roller girls (SYC burgee on each little triangle) handing each nacra sailor a jug of beer as they stepped ashore then giggling and wrestling each other as they wheeled the boats up onto the grass and de-rigged them.

You see, I am a SYC'o.

Get SYC'd


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Dear Mr Bucko,

Not sure if Helen has those "SYC burgee on each little triangle" bikini's up for sale at the club yet... Maybe they are still in with the graphic designers...!!

I understand that you are a true SYC'o, no doubt about that... and I'll even keep my eyes peeled for #2088 myself when out on the Broadwater during the week... I'll bail him up and get him on board too...

Wot Out...

aka - Nacra 5.0 #2003

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