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re QLD state titles

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Dont forget the Nacra state titles are on this weekend at Bundy.

A good fleet of 16sqs,5.0 and 5.8s are expected.

Good breezes are forcasted.

We are hoping to do some training courses after sailing as well.

Go to www.nacra.com.au/NOR%2007.HTM for information on our to get to event and NOR.

Hope to see as many as possible.


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Results will be up in the next day or two at http://www.interworx.com.au/users/bsclub/. Completed all 7 scheduled races - the first two outside and the rest in the river once the strong wind warnings were issued. Scott Sandilands won the 16 Squares from Mick Guinea and Matt Caldwell. Clare and Peter Neeskens won the 5.0's from Paul and Tim Neeskens. Morris Harland and Dionne Groves won the 5.8's. Bit of carnage on the first day when Bob Effeney had his port stern sheared off just behind the rear beam by a 5.8. Warren Guinea's 16 Square was damaged in an incident getting off the beach and he was awarded average points for the last two races.


Greg W

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