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Slow boat


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Hi guys,

just looking for some advice the 5.8 has been very slow in comparison to the 16sqs and hobbie s that we race against off the wind. the boat was stalling in in gusts to windward and after checking the spreader rake made an adjustment from the 34mm to 44mm as sugested in other posts. old 5.8 with fat crew weight of 200kgs went alot better to windward after that adjustment but still gets left behind in light weather of the wind .Any ideas ? we understand that the boat will never be able to compete down wind against the other boats but looking for way to limit the amount of ground lost to them .

thanks bradk.

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hi bradk

where abouts are you sailing? do you have any other 5.8's to sail against? it is really hard to compare apples to oranges. if you are in light winds in a rolling swell you may find it hard to beat a hobbie 16 with light crew and sailed well down wind. you need to get up against some other 5.8's that way you will see how you are going and you will be able to compare your set up to there's.if you can make it along to a super series round or a nationals or states you will learn heaps about your 5.8. regards REV

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got gooses setup paperwork and it has helped an amazing amount . but the boat still has a lot of adjusting to be done and crew and i have much learning before the boat reachs it full potential . just thought someone else may have had some advice to help make it faster down wind

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Hi Bradk,

The secret to going faster downwind is time on the water practising doing the wild thing. Go out on a non race days and work, run, tack and gybe for hours and after weeks and months of this you will notice the difference.

BTW what is the sail number of your boat?

The older boats seem to take more breeze to get the wild thing happening. Crew weight placement is also very important doing the wild thing. See photos below.

Regards Steve.



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