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Nacra 4.5


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For some time now I have monitored much action on this site wailting for some chat about 4.5s. Where do they'fit' in the Nacra scene? It doesn't seem they are wanted in the 14 footers. There was only one at the titles at South West Rocks. There are three at my club at Ballina so where do we go from here to find some others.

Also we have had many discussions at regattas about yardstick. VYC says 88.0 but what if you sail it one up?

Lets see what I've started here.

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One of the inherent problems with the VYC yardstick is that it is just that, "THE VYC YARDSTICK". It is(or was) compiled and calculated from the information and results forwarded by the various sailing clubs,organisations and classes.

If no information is sent to the VYC, they cannot calculate a fair and equitable figure., so it is up to the interested clubs,classes etc to ensure that the info is passed on.

In the past , most sailing clubs had their own yardsticks anyway, as they felt that the VYC was was not really kept up to date.

Some sailing clubs sailed to boat length,IE 14ft-15ft11ins, 16ft- 17ft11ins,and 18ft and over, others sailed to yardsticks,IE 60-70,71-80, 81-90, or other yardstick numbers to suit, this was OK when you had large numbers of mixed sizes and classes,but unfortunately those days seem to have vanished, and now a lot of clubs only cater for a set size, EG 14ft ,

the PRINDLE15,NACRA 4.5 and 14 sq and a few other cats have been left out of the scene because, even though there are many of these boats sailing, they don'tseem to come to regattas and allow the clubs to give them a yardstick for the various configurations, (in the case of the 4.5 ,cat rigged,sloop rigged, one up,two up,).

Nothing happens unless you make it happen, does Ballina send info to VYC, or maybe they have their own yardstick.

This is only my opinion, and others can, and should discuss it further.

pete smile.gif

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It looks like the 100 kg minimum is going to be set in stone via discussions between BCC and the association, for Race week.

This suits me fine @ 85-90kgs and would certainly even things up for those of us that want to sail one up or even with my young daughter.

As everyone may have noticed i have been saturating the ether with posts on the 4.5 because i'm super keen to get my youngsters just out there sailing around in the company of others on the same boat... "a sense of belonging" and all that goes with it.

I don't give a rats whether we come 1st or last so long as we (the parents) are out there giving them (our children) a taste of the fun and commaraderie that has kept me going for the last 27 or 28 years.

For this very reason, it would be great to get at least 6 or 7 or more boats at race week, we certainly have the numbers out there. (We have 2/3 definites at this stage)...

All owners out there, please take the time to consider going... in terms of timing it's still far enough away to get things organised so you can be there, but close enough to start getting exited about it, (and the break from work etc)...

Again, you get me on (0412) 339-552 or via this forum.


Leroy wink.gif

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