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how much is an 1984 5.8 worth?


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Hi guys im tryin to get back into sailing and need your help in buying a boat.

How much is this worth?



The ad says "1984 Nacra 5.8 catamaran, trailer, mainsail, jib, cat trax beach hauler, 2 murray's harnesses, 2 dagger boards, rudders. Boat is in fair condition. Hulls could use a cleaning and some paint, tramp is in good shape, sails aren't crisp but they are in good condition. I am not an experienced sailor but the rigging could use some re-working/organization. This is a high performance boat, capable of speeds over 15 knots. This boat could really shine with some effort and provided years of fun. Must go....make an offer."



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Is this boat kept on land or moored in the water? The pictures make it look like it has a fair amount of 'sludge' on the bottom of the hulls.

My boat was made around the same time and I think it is worth around $3500 (maybe a bit more but mine is in very good knick). Find out what number the boat is, offer him $1000-$1500 and when he says "not enough", tell him he's dreaming and make the same offer in about a fortnight to a month.

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Hi Mike,

Welcome to the forum. After looking at the photos the boat is in poor to fair condition. It would take alot of time and money to bring this boat upto a reasonable condition to race but it could be sailed as is for fun. To bring it up to scratch for racing it would need a new mainsail, bridle jib kit,stays, trap wires and probly all new ropes and possibly some new blocks.

If the boat has been sitting in the water for some time without a proper epoxy barrier problems with the fibreglass could be an issue too.

I reckon around a $1,000 depending on the condition of the trailer and sailbox? and other equipment, you might be better to wait for a boat in good to very good condition and pay more but will still be cheaper in the long run then buying this one as this is a very old boat.

Regards Steve.

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