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Advice on 14sq


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Im interested in Darcys 14sq....but here is my dilemma. I only weigh 60kg so need a small boat to start. I have decided to go with the Nacras for various reasons. My problem is that i want to be able to have 2 crew...but be able to handle the boat by myself if i have to. Ive got friends who seem keen to come out with me - but i guess i dont want to have to rely on them just in case. With 2 crew (even with my heaviest friend) our total weight only comes to about 120 -130 kg. I was keen on the 5.0, but have been advised that this is really a 2 person boat. Would the 14sq give me the thrill of flying a hull and trapezing 2 if modified? And if so, what is involved in the modification process?

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I have the 14 sq and love it but it is not a twin trap boat and in my opinion would not like the change. Same with the 4.5.

You could do very well with a Taipan 4.9.

You are a little light for it but it is a genuine 1/2 person boat.

I see your problem being that you are the light one....if you were heavy and had light crew there would be no prob.

Bottom line though....I would buy my boat for me.....other people may or may not turn up. YOu are the persoon you can rely on and if you go for the 14sq you might be surprised how little you need the company.

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