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Gold Coast Cat Week - Cool for Cats


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Holy Cow (Cat I mean)

Somebody ring the Gold Coast Psychiatric Unit!

Nacra 5.0 legends Steve Curtis and (the lovely) Kerry Noyse must have gone mad!!

They are the sponsors of what will be the greatest week of sailing in the history of the universe!!!

MILLIONS of dollars in prize money!!!!

The girls from the Breaka ad as rollerchicks (and a couple of big hunks of burnin' love in sequened skunos for Leeroy and his mob)!!!!!

Oceans of Beer, Bourbon and Rum; Mountains of bunty burgers!!!!!!

I am going into a deep freeze chamber like the one Sigourney Weaver uses in the Aliens movies so I can just wake up and go sailing because I can't stand the wait!!!!!!

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You are too kind... Looking forward to it... We of the "Persuasion" would prefer our roller boys to be in Arseless Leather Chaps that have had a hit with the "be-dazzler"....

Remember the lesson i taught you before Bucko, it's not gay if you are out of sight of land!

Trusting you can assist with some recruits from the famed Runaway Buoy, "Blue Oyster Bar"???

We will be fitting a mirror ball to the 4.5 especially for the event, so long as you provide the smoke-machine! L.M.A.O.

See you soon,

Love Always & Anyways,

"Leroy the Leatherman" wink.gif

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