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SOS!!! (Nacra 4.5)


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I'm a Nacra 4.5 sailor...

I did a very stupid thing today!!!

As i was inspecting the hulls i unscrew the three screws that holds the base of the chainplate on the hull. I cannot screw them back again!!!!

Is there any rusks from the inside????

I don't have access in the inside of the hull!!

Please tell me what i have done?

Is it reversible??

What must I do now to fix this problem from my stupidity??

Please help me out...

Thank you.

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Hi WindGR,

don't stress, you can not do any more 'damage' if you don't touch it !

i can not help you, sorry. But as no one else has replied I thought this may help--------

Rossco is the owners name and he is a very nice and helpful guy, give him a call, email or whatever and he will be able to help you out one way or another.


Brisbane Catamaran Centre Australia - Manufacturers of Nacra ...

68 Industrial Avenue, WACOL, BRISBANE. QLD. AUSTRALIA Phone: (07) 3271 4944 Fax: ( 07) 3271 4252 Email: briscat@briscatamaran.com.au.


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Are you sure it is a Nacra ?

We rivet the chainplate mount to the hull, and you would have had to drill out the rivets to remove it.Maybe it has been modified, but don't worry, you can have an inspection port fitted and access through that to repair. NOT A MAJOR PROBLEM.

Talk to a boat repairer if there is one local.

Whereabouts are you in Greece?

Maybe you should contact "Nacra Europe".

Don't do anything until you have some firsthand advice, and have the parts you need to do the repair.

Again, is it a NACRA, or a boat with a nacra sail, that sometimes is the case.

pete smile.gif

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Thank you guys for the help. I have allready contacted Mr Paschalis, which is the representer of nacra here in Greece, who told me that he must contact with nacra in netherlands. I will call him again tommorow but you know, im on fire here!!! I dont know what i must do to fix the problem!!! The cat is absolutely a nacra 4.5, thats for sure. The person from nacra Greece told me that maybe i must open a hutch and put some doors like the ones i have on the storage departments on the cat. But i think that that is dificult to do because the cat on the top of the hulls is round not straight so how can i do so??? Any opinions on that please??? I thought that it would be better to cut the inside of the storage departments on the hull and then get access on the rusks that probably the screws have inside the hull. Doesnt anyone had any similar incident?? It was stupid from my side to try and see the condition of those three screws? I assume that the chainplate base has a lot of stress from the mast! Am i wrong? What do you have to do so you can see what is the condition of that base so you can catch any future problem with it? Maybe i am tottaly wrong with my thoughts but hey, im a newby so i try to learn the best i can and the help here is minimal, there are very few cat sailors here in Athens. Thank you for your time.

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