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Video of Soldiers Point Rigging area


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Thanks for that... I wonder whether the council will get upset if we have a camper trailer (acting as security, mind you) parked in the middle of all the boats?

Certainly looks like a nice spot for socialising and the weather at that time of year should be a good mix of a bit of everything.


Leroy wink.gif

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Hi Leroy,

It might be an idea to ask PSYC if they would approach Port Stephens council directly, and put that idea to them about boat security for the duration of the event.

There is a set of public toilets at top of the boat ramp parking lot, but no shower facilities. Although the yacht club will have those.

Because of the location, the time of year when you get a big influx of tourists, and the fact that the rigging area is not in easy view from the camp grounds or the yacht club. Security of the boats will be one issue to consider.

The sailing though should be supurb. It's a beautiful waterway.

I've struck a few logistical hassles (ie: a family that's not interested in sailing) that might yet scuttle my plans to compete.

But fingers crossed I can appease the "she god" and be there with either the Nacra or Maricat.



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