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Righting a 16SQ


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Sometimes you have to swim the bow around so the mast is at 90 degrees to the wind ,or the bows are pointing towards the wind ,then the sail has a chance of getting some breeze under it and lifting ,if the boat is laying across the wind and waves the wind pressure on the tramp is acting like a sail and driving the mast further under the water .if you don't get the bow around you'll never get the mast out of the water.It's kind of like trying to water start a big sailboard ,if you can't get wind under the leading edge of the sail your stuffed!!!!!

once the boat is pointed in the right direction it doesn't take much weight on the righting line to bring it back up.I have a loop tied in the righting rope so when you flick it over the top of the hull you can hook in with your trap and just swing out with very little effort and it will come over...

hope this helps


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