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Fitting out a new mast.


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Hi Seb,

"Non-Acetic Silicone"is as good as most sealants, suitable for aluminium/stainless steel insulation between riveted fittings.

You will most likely get all kinds of good advice on the "best" product, but remember if you use Silicon, it must be "Non-Acetic" or "Neutral-Cure".

Most of the corrosion on boat fittings is caused by "Electrolitic" (or Galvanic) Action, and this is what you must prevent.

Good Luck,

pete biggrin.gif

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Pete is completely correct. The only other product to use is Duralac. What you are trying to do is coat any holes where you have exposed bare aluminium (by drilling through the anodising) and keep stainless steel fittings separated from the ally with a barrier layer...

Remember, staino & ally mixed with salt DON'T like each other and staino becomes the canabal & eat's the ally... Good Luck & maybe see you at Port Stephens.


Leroy wink.gif

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