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Whats an 18sq worth ?


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Hi All ,

Driving along the coast the other day and spotted an old 18sq sitting in the front yard of a beach house . No Tramp and hulls in average condition . The guy wasnt home but I wouldn't mind popping in next weekend and see if its for sale .

What are these things worth ?

What are they like to sail , look like a bit of fun to me ?

Or would I be better off just cat rigging the 5.8 and mucking around on that .

Thanks for any thoughts ,


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there was an 18sq on ebay 6-9 mths ago 2 mains ,reg tilt trailor good tramp ready to sail $3200 and no one bid on it.

an 18sq would be good if you didn't have to rig it each time you went out ,rigging them is really a 2 person job because the mast is so big being 11 ft wide getting on and off the trailor would be a pain ,but if you could leave it on the beach somewhere with the stick up and just throw the sail on and go for a blast ,that would be great.

I was thinking the same as you at one stage to get a cheap 18sq and keep the 5.8 ,but when I thought of it the 5.8 can be sailed 1 up ,( you want to pick your day though)and I don't have the room for a 2nd boat in the yard of that size.

also the 18sq are getting a bit old ,so you'd probly have to spend some $$$$ on it to get it up to scratch.

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Thanks Idiot !

I think your pretty spot on .

Its just a shame to see such a sight .

I will go and see the guy anyway and just ask what the story is behind the boat .

It does sort of look like a Black hole for money !!

I do know how to start sentences without an I !! but cant think of any right now ;).

Cheers ,


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