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Broken Bay Summary


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Broken Bay Summary

Sorry for the delay. One week Broken Bay, next week, the Manly Junior States.

I’m not sure where to start.

For me it was 6 months of phone calls, e mails and meetings.

And within the last 2 weeks I had both my Friday race officer and the weekend race

officer, withdraw their services for legitimate reasons. That’s why I set the courses and

started the races. Another support craft withdrew on the Wednesday.

I’m very thankful that the Cottage Point Coastal Patrol, as promised patrolled the race

course. It certainly helped put my mind at ease as the wind and sea picked up on the

Saturday. In hind sight, I set the course too far out, which made conditions uncomfortable at the top mark.

(the on water problems didn’t detract from a regatta that was sailed in good spirit. Locking in the p,r,o and support staff will be a priority)

I have to ask the question weather a Friday Regatta is feasible? As it was we had 7 boats, we didn’t charge them for the Friday racing. We set a small course right out in front of the centre, just so they could get some racing in. (Which at the end of the day, is all any body really needed after getting in there)


From my point of view, it look very orderly. Getting people in and out worked well. The centre bent over backwards with extra trips and the punt was used when needed.

( I will be very keen to hear any suggestions regarding getting people in & out)

Parking. I didn’t see Patonga from land on the weekend. I didn’t here any complaints, so I’m assuming there was no problems there. I’m sure that the people would agree that there is plenty of rigging area with easy access to the water.

We won’t make the same mistake, and leave it too late to book the cricket oval.


Once again from my point of view, it looked as if every one appreciated the uncomplicated nature of a designated time and place to eat. The variety and quality were never in question.

Most of the food was pre cooked and ready to go. Meal vouchers were paid for and you just had one crossed off as it was used. There were a couple of orders that got lost, but I can assure you that the kitchen staff worked very hard and a couple of them were volunteers.

The BBQ appeared to work a treat. Once a gain, casual, good natured. The meals were a great time for the less travelled sailors to meet some of the people that they have only ever heard of. It was particularly pleasing to see every one mixing.


This is a topic that relates to all of us.

A very large proportion of my meetings ect were dedicated to attracting sponsorship. It is estimated that we generated approximately $10,000 worth of television, newspaper, radio, magazines, marker buoys ect, worth of advertising.

We attracted approximately 20 people to view the event. The ferry had less than 40 people on it. And most of them were staying at the centre. We cancelled the Sunday Ferry. And used the punt as a spectator boat on Sunday.

The advertising was equal to some other annual events like the Flora & Fauna festival and car shows. These events attract tens of thousands of people.

What’s the answer? Better targeting of our advertising! To whom, what and where?

And then we have the matter of a low sailor participation. With only 26 boats turning up, we as a group didn’t do our selves any favours.

Broken Bay was a golden opportunity to let the media and sponsors know that High Performance Catamaran Sailing deserves their attention.

I admit that the venue was unknown, the format was untried, and I’m basically unknown in the sailing world.

But what I do know is, that sponsors are not stupid, and I’m not looking forward to knocking on their doors next year.


There were more positives than negatives.

The venue blew every one away. (it is truly a world class location)

The centre is keen to go again.

Central Coast Tourism inc is keen to go again.

Bundy’s coaching clinics were a success.

The kids had plenty to do.

It is Family friendly.

The on land activities were popular.

The non sailors, that stayed on site felt a part of it.

The sailors seem keen to go around again, and spread the word.

Hobie Sports loved it and are keen to be involved again.

The centre and my self will be meeting in two weeks to analyse the whole event, and look at what needs fine tuning.

If any one has any suggestions, complaints or even praise please let me know and I will take them to the meeting. Or even sit in on the meeting.

Call me a Dreamer.

But I see no reason why we can’t make that weekend in February some kind of Catamaran promotion week.

We have Broken Bay, we have The Great Race, we have Koonawarra Bay 14 foot regatta. Throw in a couple more here and there and we have the potential to GROW.

We have the resources at our disposal.

It would not be that hard to coordinate, a small committee from each state (no more than 3 people) and away we go.

Regards Tony Jenkins

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Well done on your efforts, Tony. It is a shame that participation wasn't higher to reward your excellent work.

Koonawarra Bay would be open to some form of co-promotion, although I can understand if you feel we are too close in distance and may in fact detract from your fleet numbers.

The idea of promoting a cat sailing weekend spectacular in many different locations and different forms has merit. Each of the three events you metioned would appeal to different participants and audiences, so the potential is there.

If you put together any kind of "event directors report", I would be interested in getting a copy to read.

Could I suggest you publish photos of the event on a web site (if you haven't already), so we can all get a taste of what it was like.

Once again, thanks for your efforts in promoting catamaran sailing amongst participants and the masses. And thanks for your cooperation and open approach with Koonawarra Bay and our event. Well done!



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