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NACRA 4.5 questions on hatches and furler


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Spent my first weekend on 'The Other WOMAN' punting around Cleveland Bay, with a 25 minute trip to Maggie Is today for a coffee. Then 2.5h home in almost still conditions. A couple of questions,

On Saturday one of the rear inspection hatches broke off in my hand trying to undo it, I replaced it with a Kiwi made job. Mick on Sunday mentioned it would break again eventually due to the top curved deck, unless I bought a stronger NACRA one. I found the other side has cracked now. Has anybody replaced their hatches with a Hobie Twist and Seal Hatch, they seem a better design even if I would have to shim it out?

I replaced all the standing rigging recently, and I have problems with the furler. The swivel on the upper forestay is above the jib halyard pulley. After furling and unfurling the jib halyard becomes twisted around the top two feet of the jib. The jib is also hard to furl. I am doing something wrong and I would like to fix it before the weekend. Any ideas what's wrong?

I'm loving the new boat.

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Ok, it all becomes clear now. I have been running the jib halyard down the mast to a pulley block and cleats. They must be for the Spinnaker.

So putting the jib up:

1. Fit halyard u bolt to top of sail.

2. Zip up over the downhaul halyard.

3. Zip up and pull halyard at the same time.

4. Secure sheet above the furler mechanism.

My last boat didn't have a furler.

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