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Hi, just tell me the procedure (steps) for an easy righting. My weight is 140 lbs and i have an issue with the righting. Also what do you say for a righting bag (water) for the weight i've been missing? Has anyone tried it? Thank you.

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I have had a bit of righting experience lately in my 4.5. I am 187 lbs (85 kg) and have no problem righting it by myself. I am a complete novice but here it goes:

1. Uncleat main, traveller and jib.

2. Mast pointing upwind.

3. Through righting rope over hull

4. Stand on lower hull.

5. Heave on rope trying to get as much leverage as possible (ie body flat as if you were on a trapeze).

6. Boat will slowly come up.

No experience with a water bag.

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