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Nacra 4.5 & Spinnaker


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Is there anyone that has a spinnaker kit on his Nacra 4.5??? If yes, if its not so trouble i would like a schematic of how the spinnaker has been putted on the boat. I am asking that because i want to put a spinnaker on my 4.5 and do the job by my own, without buying the kit from the nacra company. Thank you in advance.

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You can buy a kit for the boat which will bolt straight on ,,but I know your not in Australia so I don't know whats avalible to you over in Europe so here goes another option..........

I did the same on a nacra 5.8 about 10-11 years ago .

It's basic all you need is to get an old windsurfer mast ( I was lucky enough to have a broken carbon fiber one under the house ) for the pole ,a second hand assymetrical spinnaker off a similar size boat and a hand full of blocks and some rope(quite a bit of rope!!!).Fairly easy job if you know what your doing the most complicated thing is probly setting up the one pull halyard / tack outhaul system and once you get the right fittings thats easy anyway.

good luck

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